Total Facility Energy Studies

Analyze and optimize your facility's energy consumption to identify potential energy savings with a Total Facility Energy Study.

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A Total Facility Energy Study (TFES) is an extension of our steam mass and energy balance service because while it is our understanding that steam generation is a major part of your facility energy consumption, we also believe that significant energy savings are possible in other systems including process heaters and electricity. Implementing a TFES at your facility(s) will provide you with the information needed to fully optimize your entire operations and accomplish the major industrial goal of reducing energy consumption sooner rather than later.

With a TFES, we gather large amounts of data on your systems over a three month period. Data for all available flow and pressure levels of your systems current operations, P&ID’s, plot plans, readings from your flowmeters as well as from ours, and all pipe routing data including lengths and sizes will be gathered. This data will provide us with the information needed to perform the TFES, which includes the balancing of all power generation systems with the goal of reducing energy consumption as much as possible while not interfering with the production levels at your facility(s). Dearators, absorbed duty, boiler efficiency, furnaces, electrical turbines, and electric motors will all be evaluated and included in the TFES.

EPI Engineering is able to balance and optimize your facility(s) energy consumption by running a multitude of simulated scenarios in order to identify every energy savings opportunity available. Using the total facility energy report as a guide, opportunities are examined in the following areas: process furnaces (stack O2 and stack temperature improvements) and heat exchangers (overall heat transfer calculations are done on the major furnace feed circuits and emphasis is on improving overall U with improved cleaning schedules on critical exchangers). Work heat rate improvements (emphasis is usually on replacing condensing turbines with electric motors) and the reduction of overall work (examining major pump and compressor hydraulics and examining possible pump curve efficiency improvements) will also be examined.

Once the study is complete, EPI Engineering will provide an array of deliverables including the total facility energy consumption BEP (Best Energy Performance) reports, all high potential improvement opportunity reports broken down into three categories (no capital required, low capital, and projects that meet the business IRR hurdle rate), and electronic spreadsheets and fluid flow simulation models for ongoing energy performance monitoring and optimization of your entire facility(s).

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If you are interested in harnessing the potential energy savings hidden within your facility by optimizing and balancing the overall energy consumption at your site, please schedule a meeting with us today. We are available to discuss your specific needs and requirements via an online meeting or during a “lunch and learn” at your office at a time that is convenient for you.

In the meantime, download our TFES brochure to learn more about the service and how you could benefit from it.

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