Custom Engineering Software

EPI Engineering has worked in conjunction with EPCON Software multiple times in developing custom engineering applications for specific, advanced-level engineering problems and tasks over the last ten years. Many of these applications are not available to the general public, and are only available by conducting an EPI Engineering service, or by working for the specific companies in which we developed these custom solutions.

The power of technology is amazing, and if put to good use, projects can be regularly completed before deadlines and under budget. After some of the services that we provided to our clients, they have asked if we had the capability of turning our work into a software solution that could be utilized on a greater level, and of course the answer is yes. This gave us the idea to offer our clients a type of service that we believe no other firm offers: a custom software application that corresponds to the service that we conduct. The possibilities are endless, but solutions such as connecting computer simulation models to your facility’s data historian for real-time monitoring after conducting a fluid flow pipeline network optimization service are very possible with our custom software development services.

If you are interested in gaining an extra-level of value when you conduct an engineering study and would like to learn more about how we can turn our services and work into custom software solutions, please contact us today. We are available to discuss your thoughts, ideas, and requirements over the phone, via an online meeting, or during a “Lunch and Learn” at your facility. We look forward to discussing the many possibilities and solutions that are available to you with EPI Engineering.

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