Condensate Systems

If you operate an industrial condensate system at your refinery or processing plant then conduct a detailed condensate study take advantage of our industry-acclaimed, award-winning Pipeline Network Hydraulic Analysis and Optimization Service.

When we conduct a condensate study the main area of interest we focus on is in improving the percentage of condensate recovery through a variety of industry-proven, low or no cost at all solutions. Usually these types of condensate systems possess extremely-complex, hydraulic bottlenecks stemming from the pipeline network connecting the condensate system to the boilers and in most cases a considerable amount of condensate is completely lost. By conducting a condensate study at your facility you will benefit from the detailed recommendations and solutions required to improve condensate recovery at your refinery or processing plant.

In addition to improving condensate recovery, our condensate studies also examine and identify other high-value, perational efficiency and safety improvement opportunities within the condensate system. EPI Engineering is the leader in condensate studies as we are the industry-leaders in the field of fluid flow modeling, pipe flow analysis and hydraulic optimization due to our expertise and award-winning services and technologies.

Why conduct an EPI Engineering condensate study?

  • Uncover day-one problems existing from original design
  • Improve condensate return of your condensate systems
  • Identify and correct all bottlenecks within your condensate systems
  • Optimize the hydraulic performance of your condensate systems
  • Capitalize on all efficiency improvement opportunities that are available within your cooling water systems
  • Increase the overall safety and ROI of your facility
  • Maximize the useful life of your condensate systems
After completion of an EPI Engineering condensate study, we provide our clients with up-to-date simulation models that represent the current hydraulic performance of each condensate system along with multiple operational improvement and/or expansion simulation models to ensure optimal condensate recovery performance throughout your industrial facility. The reason EPI Engineering is so successful at conducting condensate studies is our ability to perfectly tune our simulation models to represent current day operations providing us with accurate pressure and flow rates at each point in the condensate systems. Without this vital data and information, there is no way to determine if our recommendation can be proven to be effective.

Given that we know accurate flow rates and pressures at any given point in the condensate system, we are able to run simulated scenarios that determine the hydraulic performance of the condensate system for reach recommendation. Some of our clients have said, “We didn’t know this was possible” and “This is amazing,” after reviewing all completed models and reports. Even better, we offer a low-cost maintenance program to ensure all simulation models are up-to-date with current plant data and operational improvement simulations are continually analyzed to ensure that proposed future upgrades, expansions and/or operational changes will lead to optimal results.

Since 2002, EPI Engineering has saved our clients millions of dollars via our Pipeline Network Hydraulic Analysis and Optimization Services for industrial utility systems in a variety of ways, including but not limited to: increasing process-side production, reducing energy consumption, reducing environmental compliance costs, reducing insurance costs, process safety improvements, as well as capital cost avoidance after reanalyzing other engineering firm’s recommendations that called for unneeded capital investments. We are able to identify these significant opportunities due to our many years of experience designing, analyzing and optimization industrial utility systems and through the superior technologies we utilize in all of our utility system related engineering services. We are a Houston based engineering firm that has conducted utility system studies all over the world and are happy to discuss our utility system optimization services.

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Design. Analyze. Optimize. Implement. Maintain.®