Process Safety Services

Eliminate surprises. EPI works hard to ensure your facility's flare, PRV, and fire water systems are optimized and operate as expected when needed. Nothing is more important than safety when it comes to refining, processing, and production.

Flare System Analysis

When EPI conducts a flare system analysis service, we develop computer simulation models that enable the quantification of backpressure for each relief valve, while maximizing process safety and minimizing engineering costs and capital expenditures. Benefits of an EPI flare analysis include:

  • Debottleneck and optimize the process safety of the existing flare system with minimal expenditures
  • Quantify when choke flow occurs and identify low-cost solutions when necessary
  • Simulate global scenarios for loss of cooling water, loss of electrical power, loss of instrument air, loss of steam, and potential fires
  • Simulate worse case global scenarios of 100% release from the relief valves in single facility units as well as 50% release in all other facility units
  • Balance the loss of electrical motors against the loss of steam turbines in the cooling water systems to minimize flare header loadings for the loss of cooling water and loss of electrical power
  • Optimize the determination of fire circles at the facility to minimize flare header loadings for fire global scenarios
  • Receive a three-year facility license for our Flare Backpressure Analysis software application.
  • An assortment of deliverables and reports so your facility will have all the information it needs to bring the performance of your flare backpressure system up to world-class performance

PRV System Analysis

EPI Engineering also provides an extensive PRV - pressure relief valve - analysis service that focuses on the identification of system deficiencies through computer simulation models and thousands of simulated scenarios. Due to the complexity of this system analysis, we suggest giving us a call to learn more about our PRV analysis service.

Fire Water System Analysis & Optimization

In addition, EPI Engineering provides analysis and optimization of facility fire water systems through our Pipeline Network Optimization Services (PNOS). To learn more about how EPI can optimize your fire water system with little or no capital expenditure, please read about our PNOS Services.

Contact Us for More Information

If you are interested in conducting a safety study of your flare system(s), PRV system(s), and/or fire water systems and learning how to optimize the performance of the system(s), please schedule a meeting with us. We are available to discuss your specific needs and requirements via an online meeting or during a “lunch and learn” at your office at a time that is convenient for you. Contact us today!

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