Capital Project Benchmarking

Turn your capital projects into the industry standard benchmark with EPI Engineering's benchmarking specialists on your team.

EPI Engineering has developed a cost-effective suite of project benchmarking services to aid companies in achieving “Best-In-Class” projects and “World Class” projects. We offer the benchmarking services detailed below though the leadership of one of the most experienced benchmarking professionals and facilitators in the industry. Our benchmarking specialists have conducted Front-End Development reviews and readiness reviews for hundreds of projects with TIC’s ranging from $100K to $7 billion, and have assisted dozens of plant sites in the United States, Canada, and Latin America in improving their project and plant based systems.

EPI's senior benchmarking specialist is also the author of the highly popular technical article and presentation, “ALMOST ALL YOU WANTED TO KNOW ABOUT PROJECT BENCHMARKING.” Our suite of benchmarking services below utilizes the tools and methodologies of Independent Project Analysis, Inc. (IPA), Construction Industry Institute (CII), Project Management Institute (PMI), Construction User Round Table (CURT), and Asset Performance Networks (AP-Networks).

  • Capital Project Front-End Loading or Development Review

    This service reviews a client's front-end loading or development. This review will be conducted by our senior benchmarking specialist. A numerical value will be given for the risks or uncertainty of the project, and industry tools of the client can be used such as IPA's FEL, CII's PDRI, or AP-Networks' TRI/PRI.
  • Capital Project Cold-Eyes Review Team Member

    This service allows a benchmarking specialist to join the client's project cold-eyes or peer review panel as an ad-hoc external member. This approach will enable the client to bring in the industry's best and emerging practices.
  • Capital Project Assurance Review

    This service allows a benchmarking specialist the ability to measure how well a client’s project team adheres to its own internal procedures. Not only will this product measure project deliverables, it will also measure the quality of the content of the deliverables.
  • Capital Project Schedule Review

    This service reviews the capital project schedule against an industry schedule standard. An industry numerical rating will be given to the capital project schedule, and a schedule of improvement action items and a mitigation plan will be given to the client. PMI’s scheduling standards will be used, as well as other industry tools requested by the client.
  • Capital Project Benchmarking Facilitation

    This service allows a benchmarking specialist the ability to participate in the facilitation of an industry benchmarking that includes IPA, CII, and AP-Networks benchmarking. The key to a successful project benchmark is the coaching of the project manager and the project team on how to get the most out of an industry project benchmarking.
  • Capital Project Cost Estimate Review

    This service allows a benchmarking specialist the ability to review the project cost estimate. Industry databases can be used to compare and analyze the cost estimate.

If you are interested in learning more about the capital project benchmarking services we provide, please contact us today. We are available to discuss your specific needs and requirements via an online meeting or during a “lunch and learn” at your office at a time that is convenient for you.

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